Our mission at Harris-Courage & Grady, PLLC is to provide Auburn residents with the personal, one-on-one assistance that you will need to relieve your worries due to financial difficulties. If you’re struggling with the crushing weight of financial debt, even after trying other methods of debt consolidation in Auburn, let us help you move forward with less financial burden today. Our bankruptcy firm in Auburn, NY has the experience and knowledge to overcome even the most trying financial situations, offering you the fresh financial beginning you need.

Supported by the respect of judges and opposing attorneys, Laura Harris-Courage will provide you with immediate debt relief when you file bankruptcy in Auburn, while removing freezes from your bank accounts, removing liens and even stopping the garnishment of your wages. With a complete understanding of the constantly changing bankruptcy laws, including the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Act of 2005, Harris-Courage & Grady PLLC will protect your rights as you move forward financially.